We offer FREE delivery on most orders over $49. Our standard delivery charge for orders less than $49.00 is $9.95. Certain items (such as bulky furniture) may have additional charges. Any additional delivery charges require customer approval prior to fulfillment.
Delivery Time
While we cannot guarantee delivery times, in general, orders placed by 4:00pm your local time on any business day ship that day for next business day delivery. Orders received after 4:00pm or on weekends ship next business day for delivery the following business day. We rely on a carefully selected set of wholesale distributors and carriers to drop-ship orders direct to your door. Orders are optimized so that each item ships from the closest warehouse in which it is available. Because of this some orders require two or more shipments and may take 2-5 business days for delivery. If you would like an estimated delivery time for an order you have yet to place, please or call 800.909.9750.
Shipment Tracking
To track an existing order simply sign in and navigate to My Orders from the drop down menu under My Account. From there you can click on an order for detailed shipment tracking information.
Our Carriers
The majority of our orders ship via UPS. In areas where UPS services are limited or when items are non-UPS-able we contract with local couriers, often through the Ensenda network.
Geographic Limitations
We deliver exclusively to street addresses in the continental United States and Hawaii. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO, Alaska(AK), Puerto Rico(PR), or international addresses.
Minimizing the Impact of Packaging & Transportation
When we set out to green the workplace, by extension we set out to green the office products industry as a whole. So when it came to order fulfillment, the question was do we go it alone and design a green distribution system from the ground up, or do we work with existing industry leaders and promote more sustainable practices from the inside out. In order to have the most impact quickly, the answer seemed obvious: we start by working within the establishment, show real demand exists for greener solutions, and hope change ripples across the industry.

Over ten years later we believe our strategy is working. Today we rely on a carefully selected network of third-party suppliers and carriers which we constantly challenge to go greener. At least in part due to our persistence (pestering?), we’ve seen among our vendors the adoption of greener product lines, the improved use of green product labels, the increased use of recycled packaging materials, and a more general openness to sustainable business practices. The best part is that by working with the largest players in the industry these changes have had an impact far beyond our own customer base.

And there are benefits closer to home as well. By fulfilling orders without the use of staging warehouses or a private fleet we minimize our ecological footprint and our cost structure, allowing us to keep prices on green products as low as possible. Now that being said, there is a downside to lacking complete control over how products are packaged and treated on-route to their destination. Occasionally we find items arrive with excess packaging; occasionally the packaging itself isn’t green; and occasionally packages arrive damaged. For these instances, we’ve put in place systems to collect your feedback and deliver it to our supply chain partners in order to encourage further improvement.


Our mission to green the workplace involves challenging our suppliers to minimize waste. If ever you receive a delivery with excess packaging we encourage you to email us with documentation (order number, item numbers, description, pictures if possible) so that we can address the issue directly with our supplier. The good news is that the environmental and economic incentives for improvement here are well aligned: wasteful packaging is a waste of money. Because of this, our suppliers have in place both algorithms to identify the most appropriately sized box and human beings to check for errors. Unfortunately, algorithms and humans alike are imperfect, and sometimes the right-sized packaging has simply run out of stock. Whatever the reason for excess packaging, we can only push for industry improvement if we hear about it from you. By providing us with this valuable feedback together we’ll continue to green the industry one order at a time!

Report Excess Packaging


When an item arrives damaged it may be due to insufficient packaging, poor handling, or both. In these cases we work with our suppliers and carriers to identify the source of the issue and figure out how to prevent it from happing again. Damaged goods are a waste of time, energy, and resources. As such, minimizing their occurrence is not only essential for customer satisfaction but central to our mission of greening the workplace. If you’ve received items damaged upon delivery please report it using our online return request form. We’ll replace the item free of charge and email you return instructions within two business days.

Report a Damaged Delivery


Carbon emissions from the delivery of every order we fulfill are neutralized (or offset) through investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects around the world. Emissions are calculated based on the net product weight of your order and the distance it travels from the warehouse to your workplace. The effort is part of our larger initiative to operate a carbon neutral business which, in turn, was the origin of our in-house carbon offsetting service. We invite you to learn more about how you can use our unique Office Footprint Calculator to measure, manage, and neutralize your own carbon footprint.