Sustainability Consulting

The Challenge
The shift towards increasingly sustainable products, services, purchasing policies, and practices has become a 21st century business imperative. In some cases, a successful strategy can be designed and implemented with existing internal resources. In others, the most cost effective solution is to engage the services of a sustainability consultant. That said, deciding when and where to get expert help can be tricky. That’s where we come in.
How We Can Help
For organizations looking to take the next step in office greening but unsure of the best strategic direction, we offer a free consultation. Our aim is to understand your position, goals, timeline, and resources in order to make realistic and actionable recommendations. We may point you towards complimentary tools or information to aid the internal planning process. We might suggest a webinar, a green purchasing policy, or a carbon mitigation program. Or we could find that your needs are more aligned with the engagement of a consultant. If the later is the case, we work to recommend a consultant with expertise matched specifically to your project’s scale and scope.
Getting Started
If you would like to be contacted for a free consultation, please email or call 800.909.9750.