The Greening Guide

March 2017

The Good News About Nature Photography

Nature can be awesome, surprising, and even hilarious - but did you know it can also boost productivity? This month, in light of research showing the benefits of taking a break to connect with our beautiful blue planet, we're featuring some of the best nature photographers from around the world, helping you conquer the afternoon energy crash and inspire your continued efforts to green the workplace.

A Definitive Guide to Energy Efficient Lighting

With all the recent changes in energy efficient lighting, it can be hard to keep up. That's why we've put together this easy and actionable guide for making a brilliant choice when it comes to lighting up your workplace. We breakdown the differences between non-efficient and efficient incandescent bulbs, their successor the CFL, and finally the newest generation of super-saving LEDs.

All You Need to Know About Ethical Tavel

We love highlighting ways you can live your values for people and planet inside and outside the workplace. Travel - what many of us love to do when not in the office - is a great way to expand the mind while unwinding from the daily grind. Herein, we break down the basics of ecotourism and offer recommendations on how to plan your next adventure abroad in a way that honors communities and the environment.
Read More >> Honored (Again) as San Francisco Certified Green Business

In early February, was once again recognized as one of 241 San Francisco Certified Green Businesses. Learn about our long history of certification under this groundbreaking program and about the thousands of other California businesses working every year to meet strict environmental standards in the workplace.