The Greening Guide

September 2017

We Support the Energy Star Program and Hope You Do Too

One of the largest and most successful public-private partnerships in the world could be on the chopping block as the new EPA budget is being considered this year. Learn more about what is at stake and how you can get involved.

Ants in the Breakroom? We’ve Got You Covered

It’s that time of year as insects come out of hibernation and are on the hunt for resources. Before you call an exterminator that may use harsh chemicals to handle the problem, try a few of these eco-friendly tips. There are a surprising number of environmentally friendly ways you can deal with ants effectively.

Boyan Slat Raises $31 Million to Begin Ocean Cleanup Project

We bring you the latest update on the story of one young inventor tackling one of the world's largest issues. Boyan Slat and his team at The Ocean CleanUp are working diligently to begin their efforts to rid the world's oceans of plastic. Learn more about their plan and recent pushback.

Your Guide to Green Back to School Shopping

Nothing brings summer fun to a halt sooner than the phrase “back to school shopping.”  Kids lament the end of summer vacation while parents dread the impact on their wallets.  If you’ve felt the pinch trying to get your kids ready for their new school year, you’re not alone. But fear not, for here's our guide to green back to school shopping that will save you time and money.