The Greening Guide

April 2017

Get Ready for Earth Day With These 6 Tips

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd it’s a wonderful time of year to make a few changes. Making even one simple change to your day-to-day can make a huge difference, especially if you can keep it going throughout the year. With this in mind, we offer a few suggestions that make it easy to say yes to being more green both in and out of your office.

Spring Cleaning the Sustainable Way

Springtime should mean a breath of fresh air, not a lungful of harsh smelly chemicals. If sustainable spring cleaning is on your agenda this season, make sure to check out a few of our favorite tips for green cleaning. We breakdown the most popular cleaners by our easy to use greenness ranking system, giving you the best products for you and the environment.

Get Your Garden On

Garden planning and seedling season is here. You may garden at home, but have you thought about gardening at the office? Not only do indoor plants offer substantial air cleaning benefits, research shows gardening can have some major positive impacts in the workplace. We offer a few ideas to help you find a perfect office-friendly garden.

New Baby Turtles Thought to Be Extinct Are Cause for Celebration

The discovery and protection of two viable egg clutches of a species of turtle that was thought to be extinct is definitely something to get excited about. With fewer than five female Burmese roofed turtles remaining in the wild, these eggs are the key to the continuation of the species. Conservation efforts started eleven years ago are now showing signs of success.