Founder was established in 2005 by founder and CEO Alex Szabo, a former sustainability consultant and educator who had experienced first-hand the need for a single source of environmentally and socially responsible office products and services. has since worked tirelessly to build a one-stop resource for sustainable office products, services, tools, and information.
Behind the Website
Our team is comprised of green business leaders and office products industry professionals dedicated to making sustainability in the workplace easy and cost effective. Individually, our passions beyond the office vary, yet we invariably attract people who actively live-out their interest in social justice and ecological balance. We tend to engage in our communities and participate in democracy; ride bikes and choose public transportation; experience the outdoors and enjoy the arts; eat local, organic food and minimize household waste; and so on, all while trying not to take ourselves too seriously. If you think you’d be a good match for our team, we invite you to contact us.
Consultant Network
Business, non-profit, and government institutions alike are realizing significant gains from expert consultation in the art and science of maximizing the triple-bottom-line. connects forward-thinking organizations with innovative, cost-effective experts in the theory and practice of sustainability. Consultants in our network have successfully advised Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, local, state, and federal government agencies, non-profit foundations, and NGO's. Together, we specialize in the identification and application of measures that fit your resources, culture, and organizational mission (learn more).
Manufacturers & Distributors
We rely on a variety of partners for the manufacture and distribution of our products. We consider these companies – and indeed their employees – critical to our success and therefore part of our team. From some we have learned critical lessons in the practice of green business. Others have shown room for improvement with respect to operational sustainability. With the later we do our best to influence their behavior through educational outreach and constructive criticism.
Board of Advisors is advised by business, nonprofit, and government leaders working to build a vibrant green economy. If you or your organization is interested in collaborating towards sustainability in the workplace, please email or call 800.909.9750.