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Sustainability in the Workplace

Fundamentally, business exists to improve lives while sustaining the planet.  Here we challenge manufacturers to do their part and empower you to do yours.  Our ultimate vision:  your values at work.  By that we mean an office environment run on green products and driven by green practice.  We invite you to join us and help speed the transition to sustainability in the workplace.


Purchasing with a Purpose

Every day TheGreenOffice.com empowers consumers to align values with action by providing a full selection of sustainable office products and services at great prices.  Through green purchasing and sustainable practice our customers send a clear signal to the market that real demand exists for positive change.  In turn, this signal triggers the innovation of greener products, narrows the price gap between green and conventional solutions, and furthers adoption by mainstream consumers.


Pushing for Greener Product Design

Today the vast majority of office products are designed from cradle to grave – that is, with little thought given to the harmful impacts incurred by people and planet throughout their lifecycle.  The ideal of cradle to cradle design promotes an industrial process that eliminates waste, uses sustainable resources, and avoids the introduction of harmful chemicals into our biosphere (learn more).  By labeling and ranking our products by greenness, TheGreenOffice.com works to create a race to the top for sustainable design.

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