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A Commitment to Green Business

In every sphere of operation we strive to maximize the social, ecological, and financial performance of our company – what is known as the triple-bottom-line.  We believe in this philosophy so deeply, in fact, that it was written into our articles of incorporation.  Our goal is to green the office products industry and the workplaces it serves by promoting the most sustainable products and practices of our time.  Though our company is most easily identified by its environmental aims, we are equally dedicated to social justice.  From the communities we impact to the people manufacturing our products, we work to include all stakeholders in a decision making process that ensures equity, health, and personal safety.


Our Sustainability Management System

In order to constantly improve our triple-bottom-line, we employ a robust Sustainability Management System (SMS).  Our SMS starts and ends with our Green Team – employees of TheGreenOffice.com who are directly responsible for the strategic direction and overall success of our vision for sustainability in the workplace.  The Green Team is responsible for the policy creation and ratification process, key elements of the strategic planning phase, implementation oversight, performance review, communications, and reporting.  While we are always honing our approach, our current SMS is composed of the following operational activities:

•    Stakeholder Engagement
•    Green Purchasing
•    Carbon Mitigation
•    Energy Efficiency
•    Water Conservation
•    Waste Reduction
•    Pollution Prevention
•    Sustainability Reporting

To learn more about how we push for sustainability beyond our walls, explore our vision.


Certifications & Affiliations

From inception, TheGreenOffice.com has been on the leading edge of sustainable business practice.  We have contributed to the development of the sustainability certification movement through founding memberships in such programs as B Corporation and the San Francisco Bay Area Green Business Program, as well as our pioneering work in the use of product certifications to label and rank our catalog by greenness (learn more).  Not only have we worked to help create and achieve new standards for sustainable business, we have guided many others on their own path to certification (learn more).  Here are some of our more well known certifications and affiliations:



Certificate of Carbon Neutralization
Member Since:  2005

Every day employees of TheGreenOffice.com work to minimize the carbon emissions associated with the operation of our business.  At the end of the day, however, we are still responsible for a carbon footprint that contributes to Earth’s climate crisis.  In order to take responsibility for these excesses, we utilize our own Office Footprint Calculator and Green Office Offsets™ to measure and offset the emissions associated not only with our offices but with the delivery of our product from warehouse to doorstep.



Membership Listing
Member Since:  2007, Founding Member

As a Founding B Corporation, we have been certified for meeting comprehensive and transparent social and environmental standards that distinguish "good companies" from "good marketing."  We have incorporated the interests of employees, community, and the environment into our governing documents in order to achieve distinction as a B corporation.


Bay Area
Green Business

Membership Listing
Member Since:  2006, Member of the Inaugural Class

Developed by Bay Area local governments in collaboration with US EPA, Cal EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control and the business community, the Bay Area Green Business Program verifies that businesses meet high standards of environmental performance by conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste.


Green America
Certified Business,

Membership Listing
Member Since:  2006

We are proud members of the Green America Green Business Network™, the oldest, largest, and most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in America dedicated to growing the green economy.



Membership Listing (perform search for "the green office")
Member Since: 2006

Not only do we feature ENERGY STAR products in our catalog, but we purchase ENERGY STAR electronics for our own office whenever possible.  Our phones, computers, and printing machines are all ENERGY STAR qualified.


Program Member

Membership Listing (perform search for "thegreenoffice.com")
Member Since:    2008

TheGreenOffice.com is committed to the ideal of zero waste.  As such, we have joined EPA’s WasteWise program, which targets the reduction of our municipal solid waste.  We work to avoid waste through our green purchasing policy, to divert waste through exhaustive recycling and composting, and to track what waste we cannot avoid in order to stay cognizant of our shortcomings.


SmartWay Transport

Membership Listing (renewal processing)
Member Since:  2007

As a part of our commitment to carbon neutral shipping, TheGreenOffice.com has joined EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership.  The program is a voluntary partnership between a variety of freight industry sectors (we are a Freight Shipper) and EPA that supports fuel efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.  By 2012, this initiative aims to reduce between 33 - 66 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and up to 200,000 tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions per year.