Carbon Offsetting

Carbon & Emissions Offsetting -

Virtually no one in American society can avoid consumption of fossil fuels. Whether you are running a factory, driving a hybrid car, or using a pencil eraser – you are responsible for contributing excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The cumulative effects of carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming and exacerbate environmental calamities. Carbon Offsetting is the act of mitigating a business’s or individual’s carbon dioxide emissions in attempt to reverse the dangerous track our planet is currently on. mitigates all of its carbon emissions and is a carbon neutral business.  To learn more about carbon offsetting visit's Office Footprint Calculator™.

Buying Guide

Several companies offer mitigation packages – which can be customized to serve the offset requirements of a particular business or individual. With such services, you can rest easy knowing that you or your business will have a zero net impact on the global carbon emissions.

Best Practices

Purchase carbon credits, and get creative with carbon off-setting practices for your business. suggests (and practices) the following:

  • Fund Clean Energy Projects.
  • Purchase and Retire Emission Credits.
  • Support Methane Gas Projects such as Anaerobic Digester Systems.