Solutions -

Take action.  It’s easy and it will change your life. If ordinary people made conscious choices to shift their behavior on a day-to-day basis, we would be well on our way to sustainability in the workplace. Learn the visionary and practical solutions that we currently employ to do our part as a Green business, and the steps you can take to do yours. Remember, even small changes make a big difference!

Carbon & Emissions Offsetting - Learn best practices of Carbon Offsetting to help reverse the dangerous track our planet is currently on.

Conscientious Consumption - Find out what impact your spending has on people and the planet around you.  By engaging in Conscientious Consumption, you acknowledge the power of consumer activism in the movement towards sustainability.

Cradle to Cradle Design - Learn Cradle to Cradle (as opposed to Cradle to Grave) design to employ production techniques that are not just efficient but are essentially waste free.

Environmental & Sustainability Management Systems - Get an overview of environmental and sustainable management system and learn what steps you can take towards understanding and communicating environmental performance to stakeholders inside and outside of the organization.

Recycle & Compost - Familiarize yourself with best practices and buying guidelines to minimize waste and maximize the benefits of recycling and composting.

Reduce & Reuse - Reducing consumption is the first step in preventing waste and pollution. Learn to distinguish between products that increase efficiency and products that simply add luxury.

Third Party Certifications - Avoid misinformation and learn what to look out for when using third-party certifications to help make responsible purchasing decisions.