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Transporting and serving large volumes of food can create huge unnecessary waste.  Choose these sustainable options to help support local growers while protecting the environment.

Buying Guide

When contracting with a catering company, make sure to state your requirements upfront.  Even reputed green caterers do not always make green options standard.  Introduce these topics in your negotiations:

  • Organic Foods: Locally grown organics are the best option.
  • Sustainable Flatware: Ask for reusable flatware, or recycled/biodegradable disposables, if necessary.
  • Food Recycling Program: Work with the caterer to (1) re-offer food during multi-day conferences and meetings, (2) donate uneaten food to local food banks or shelters, and (3) encourage conference/meeting participants to take leftover food home.

Best Practices

Use these preparations when holding a catered event:

  • Plan accordingly to ensure that you have the proper recycling bins to correspond with the items you will have at the event.
  • Place recycling bins in visible and easy-to-access places.
  • Consider creating a compost bin for food scraps.
  • Consider putting informational tents out to inform attendees of your green efforts and promote responsible catering.
  • If your conference is going to be held off-site, consider holding it in a green building.

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