Transportation Tips

Expert Advice -

Transportation is one of the top sources of carbon emissions. Here are a few fun ways to take the burden off your car and take the stress out of commuting.

1) Use your legs. If you don’t have a long commute, try something from the good ole days and get your exercise while you’re at it: walk, scoot, rollerblade, skateboard, ride your bike, or run (preferably only if there’s an office shower!). 

2) Make it public. If it’s available to you, take public transportation. It’s a good time to relax on the way in to work and unwind on the way home. Encourage the management to implement a commuter benefit program.

3) Meeting in the backyard? Work from home when you can. There’s nothing like telecommuting into a conference call from the comfort of the garden. Oh yeah, and it saves energy and emissions, too!

4) Avoid the rush. Head in a little earlier to avoid the rush, boredom, stress, and frustration of normal commuting hours.

5) Hybridize. When purchasing a new vehicle, consider a hybrid. Some states even offer tax credits as well as carpool lane benefits for purchasing a hybrid car. And everybody loves the carpool lane!