Convince the Team

Expert Advice -

Don’t try to do it alone! In order to be successful in Greening your workplace, you’ll need the support and enthusiasm of your team. The best way to enlist support is to provide information, resources, and goals with measurable results. Use these tips below to get buy-in from your colleagues and create a work environment that you will all be proud of.

1. Learn to share.  Consider distributing information (hopefully via email to save paper) that helped you take your first step to going Green. Share articles, books, or photos on the importance of greening, and explain how it has changed your outlook. But try not to be preachy. There’s no faster way to get the company eye-roll.

2. Have a film festival. Screen relevant documentaries during lunch hour on rainy days.

3. Take your footprint. Use the Office Footprint Calculator™ to find clear opportunities for greening. If you do it as a team, you can discuss what changes you want to make together. After three months, take your carbon footprint again. You’ll see a measurable result and will be motivated to make take it further.

4. Give it to them. In order to be effective, your colleagues need to have access to all of the information. Print out the most relevant Green Office Tips & Tricks and post them where everyone will see them.

5. Give me a “G-R-E-E-N”! We find that most employees will be happy that their company is taking steps to go green. Create a committee to share the responsibility of managing Green initiatives and you should see a rise in morale, team “spirit,” and employee loyalty.

6. Leave the cement garden.  One of the best ways to create Green-savvy employees is to show them the environment they are working to protect. Suggest offsite meetings or team building exercises that take place closer to nature, on a rural retreat, or in or around urban parks (Ultimate Frisbee, anyone?).

7. Chill out.  It’s important to remember that change takes time, and any step towards sustainability can be measured and rewarded.  We didn’t get where we are overnight. So remind your colleagues that positive steps, even small ones, can not only boost morale, but also show up in the bottom line.

8. Power to the people. Encourage your team to participate in the Green decision-making process and welcome feedback. When employees feel empowered to implement their own greening ideas you will all have an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences.

9. Make ‘em proud. Consider posting what green steps you’ve implemented in the breakroom and what measurable goals you’ve already achieved. This will foster buy-in for the greening process and make colleagues proud to be going green.

10. Read a book.  Make reading material available to colleagues, especially quick, easy tips.  One of our favorites is The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook by David Rothschild. These 77 essential skills are presented in short, digestible bits that you’ll be able to read while you’re waiting for your fair-trade coffee to cool.