Convince the Boss

Expert Advice -

It’s important to remember that change takes time, and any step towards sustainability can be measured and rewarded.  Here are a few ways that you can help show management that positive steps, even small ones, can not only boost morale, but also show up in the bottom line.

Preparation: Before approaching the management, gather information and support. It will show your enthusiasm and dedication to the process.

1. Enlist the support of other co-workers to show management that the team is willing to work together on greening the workspace.

2. Take your carbon footprint with the Office Footprint Calculator to find clear opportunities for greening. After making a few small changes, take your carbon footprint again. This will show a measurable result to the team and the management.

3. Take a look at other businesses in your industry. Are you doing more or less to be sustainable? Showing that you are invested in the environment and in your employees translates directly into more business, stronger brand loyalty, and a better brand experience. Find out what will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Finding Opportunities: Highlight the ways in which being green can actually save money and then measure those results.

4. Here’s an easy one. Take a look at old electric and gas bills. Then follow some of the easy Energy Tips & Tricks. Compare your electric bills before and after and report back to management and your team.  Post your positive results.

5. Take a look at how much your business spends on disposable dishes, flatware, and paper towels. Then follow Breakroom Tips & Tricks and compare your bills after 3 months and report back.  Again, post positive results.

6. Encourage your employees to follow the Printing Tips & Tricks. While buying recycled paper is a little bit more expensive, the money you can save on paper and toner by reusing scrap paper, printing in “draft” mode, and printing on both sides of the page will result in huge savings.

7. Review the Transportation Tips & Tricks and encourage employees to find ecologically friendly ways of getting to work. Measure your improvements with the Office Footprint Calculator after three months. If you like what you see, you might want to consider asking for Green commuting incentives.

Going that Extra Mile: Ready to take the next step? Working towards sustainability has many benefits, the least of which is seeing an improvement in your bottom line and improved employee loyalty.

8. Suggest welcoming employee feedback and empowering employees to implement their own Green ideas. Creating a democratic, employee-focused workplace is one of the best ways to generate an environment of participation and respect.

9. Suggest secure credible third-party certification. This will differentiate your organization from competition and provide a highly visible sign of corporate responsibility.

10. Be proud. One of the best parts of being a good corporate citizen is getting to tell the world about it. Your customers will love it and they’ll keep coming back.