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This certification upholds manufacturers’ claims that this product uses salvaged wood in its production instead of virgin wood.

Salvaged wood is a great example of resource saving and recycling. If a product uses salvaged wood instead of virgin wood, it implies that no wood from newly harvested trees is used in the product. Salvaged wood is material generated from building deconstruction activities and non logging related tree-cutting or maintenance programs in urban or non-urban areas or abandoned material retrieved from submerged sites. Salvaged wood can be wood such as old barns, wine barrels, houses, or any other structure that is in danger, abandoned, or no longer being used.

There are many benefits to using salvaged wood instead of virgin wood such as the fact that the wood has been recycled, no new trees have been cut down, it conserves space at landfills and it’s extremely sustainable overall. Another benefit is that depending on the wood uses, no single item will look exactly the same because wood from different source trees may be used to make one product to the next ensuring a uniqueness between all the ‘same’ products.

If you find a product with this certification, you can feel comfortable about the fact that you’re buying an extremely sustainable product and that no new trees were cut down to make that product. Furthermore, you can always act like a kid again and imagine what this product’s wood was in its previous life…

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