SCS Global Services Reclaimed Content

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This SCS certification ensures that a proportion, by mass, of reclaimed material is in a given product or its packaging. Reclaimed materials can be agricultural waste material such as bagasse and can even be pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled waste. The Scientific Certification Systems definition of a reclaimed material is “any material that would have otherwise been disposed of as waste or used for energy recovery, but has instead been collected and reclaimed as a material input, in lieu of primary material.”

SCS reclaimed content certification guarantees that any product derived from agricultural and forestry waste materials must also meet the following conditions:

  1. Removal cannot contribute to the degradation of the soil structure
  2. Removal cannot appreciably remove the humus content of the soil
  3. Removal cannot appreciably reduce or alter the NPK nutrients in the soil that would result in a net increase of commercial NPK.

The benefits of using reclaimed material are many and include the reduction of waste going to landfills, the innovation of finding alternative materials in the manufacturing process, and the overall sustainability impact of re-using raw materials.

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