SCS Global Services No Added Urea Formaldehyde

Expert Advice -

This certification ensures that the product does not use urea formaldehyde in its manufacture. Urea formaldehyde is a resin or plastic commonly used in adhesives or as a finish.

Urea formaldehydes have been found to emit formaldehyde gasses which are commonly used in plastic furniture, new carpeting, and many other plastics or vinyl materials as well as in pressed woods such as particle board. These items typically emit more of the gases the newer they are and can cause health problems in sensitive people.

Formaldehyde can cause watery eyes, burning sensations in the eyes and throat, nausea, and difficulty in breathing in some humans exposed at elevated levels (above 0.1 parts per million). High concentrations may trigger attacks in people with asthma. There is evidence that some people can develop a sensitivity to formaldehyde. It has also been shown to cause cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans. Health effects include eye, nose, and throat irritation; wheezing and coughing; fatigue; skin rash; severe allergic reactions.

For more information on formaldehyde check out the EPA website.