SCS Global Services Biodegradable

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Despite advertising claims, not all products touted as natural will biodegrade in the environment. Following rigorous guidelines from ASTM International, SCS Global Services has for over ten years provided third-party certification of biodegradability for household cleaners, detergents, degreasers and the other chemical products. The SCS Global Services Biodegradability Certification standard verifies whether products degrade safely and efficiently, and whether under worst-case circumstances they are likely to build up harmful concentrations in the environment. For a product to qualify for SCS Global Services Biodegradability Certification, 70% of the compound used in the product formula must, under aerobic conditions, break down into the simple substances of carbon dioxide, basic salts, and water within 28 days.

The compound should not adversely affect the rate of degradation in a sewage system. Product formulas should also not contain any compounds found to contribute to the eutrophication of waters, as phosphates have been shown to do.

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