Resource Saver: Remanufactured

Expert Advice - uses over thirty reputable third-party certifiers as part of our Green Screen™.  Despite this, some important green products slip through without earning the ranking they deserve. To fill the gaps, we created the TGO Resource Saver, which uses information from the manufacturer to label sustainable products.

In many cases we feel pressured to dispose of an old product when only one small part of it actually needs to be replaced or replenished, such as printer ink cartridges. To remanufacture products, the manufacturer takes back used products, replaces worn or spent components, and then repackages and sells them. Choosing remanufactured products instead of conventional products helps to reduce waste and signals the market that real demand exists for more sustainable products.

Waste is a human phenomena not found in nature. In rainforests and deserts, prairies and wetlands what is abandoned by one life becomes food for the next. But industrialization and the global scope of human activity have perpetuated an imbalance in this system. In the last 35 years alone, the average person has gone from generating 2.7 to over 4.4 pounds of waste per day. The things we abandon crowd our landfills and escape into ecosystems where they harm life and impair nature’s ability to provide us with the resources and services on which we rely. Preventing waste is a way to restore the balance between nature and society, maximize our resources, and reevaluate the things we make and buy.