Biodegradable or Compostable

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Products that are biodegradable or compostable reduce waste and pollution and capture the full value of our increasingly scarce natural resources.

Biodegradable products are those that pose no threat to human or ecological health when disposed of through conventional waste streams.  This is because they are made from materials which will break down completely (if perhaps slowly) into benign substances. 

Compostable products are a subsection of biodegradable products.  They also pose no threat to human or ecological health through their disposal.  Additionally, when placed in a home or industrial composter, these products are diverted from landfills and instead turned into compost, a nutrient-rich substance useful for farming. 

A growing number of biodegradable materials are being sought by manufacturers, while the market for compost has grown dramatically within the farming industry. 

Some compostable products may require a long time to compost in a home composter or worm bin.  To find an industrial composter near you, click here.