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Choose from a selection of superior, healthy and environmentally responsible solutions for your dry cleaning needs.

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Green Earth Cleaners

Areas Served: National

National directory of dry cleaners that use Green Earth Cleaning, a dry-cleaning process that uses Earth-friendly, odor-free liquid silicone as a solvent, rather than the petrochemicals most cleaners use.


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Areas Served: New England

Fast and easy dry cleaning home delivery service including sewing alterations, hemming, mending, tailoring and laundry service. ZOOTS uses a non-toxic, odorless cleaning process that has been thoroughly tested and proven to cause no short or long term health risks.


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Green Apple Dry Cleaners

Areas Served: New York City, NY; Mahwah, NJ

Using CO2 technology instead of carcingenic chemicals like PERC, Green Apple Cleaners is "the cleaner dry cleaner."


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Blue Sky Cleaners

Areas Served: Union City, CA; Seattle, WA

Using naturally occurring and reclaimed CO2, not harsh chemicals, to clean your clothes better and safer than any other dry cleaning method available.


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Hangers Cleaners

Areas Served: Various locations in Kansas and Missouri

Hangers Cleaners provides a selection of superior, healthy and environmentally responsible solutions to best meet the requirements of your individual garments. And only Hangers offers the revolutionary Micare® cleaning process, using a carbon dioxide-based technology that’s safe for our customers, gentle on fabrics and non-polluting.